Unique Handmade Linen Micarta Fountain Pen

Micarta is a brand name for composites of linen, canvas, paper, fiberglass, carbon fiber in a thermosetting plastic. It was originally used in electrical and decorative applications. Micarta was developed by George Westinghouse around 1910 using phenolic resins. These resins were used to impregnate paper, linen, and cotton fabric which were cured under pressure and high temperature to produce very durable laminates.

Utilizes Very High Quality Black Titanium Hardware & a very smooth writing #6 Medium Jowo Steel Nib, and comes with a standard cartridge and a ink converter un-assembled Post-able cap for extra weight, & balance if preferred?

If you have a nib size, finish, or tip preference,  check for availability I do have some Bock and Jowo nib upgrades available & will be adding them in separate listings soon!

So take advantage of this opportunity to get one of my handcrafted items for your collection!

Or maybe for that discriminating person on your list, who seems to have one of everything, but not 1 of My Pens?

I will be adding more soon, so be sure to check back if this is not exactly what you are looking for?

All of our pens are shipped in a complimentary Black Aluminum Pen Box with our Holz Pen Shop Logo engraved on the top for ease of gifting!

And here’s a link to my past Pen Gallery for reference of possible options to start working on a pen “Just For You”….

Thanx for sampling our menu!