Ring pictured 7 mm wide titanium comfort fit band with a 2 mm meteorite shavings offset inlay with black fill

Certified Mount Dooling Iron Meteorite shavings from a meteorite that fell in 1909 in Australia, with certification card available upon request

Inlay width proportional to the band width, unless otherwise specified ( 5-2, 6-3 , 8-4 , 10-5 )

Also available in carbon fiber, Meteorite Titanium, red or yellow bronze bands at the same price, or black zirconium & forged carbon fiber bands with upgrades available in a separate listings

US Sizes from 4-20 in quarter sizes & in 5 to 13 mm wide bands entered at checkout!

Inlay material, width, and locations can be modified according to your specifications

Please refer to my ring design sizing and info page for opal colors currently available(X)

Be Sure to Mention any preferences in the Notes with your order(offset width, materials,etc.)

Not exactly what you were looking for…Contact Us above and it will link this ring to our convo for my reference to start working on a ring “Just For You”