9 mm wide comfort fit titanium band with 2-2.5 mm meteorite outer bands, a 2 mm natural certified t-rex dino bone inlay centered with clear fill

A Very Unique Combination of materials 1 from our past world, 1 created by nature, and 1 from out of this world!

This piece of certified t-rex dinosaur bone was found in the Hell Creek Formation in Eastern Montana from the Cretaceous Period and was ruling the land about 65 to 70 million years ago

Copy of certification card available from my supplier upon request in the notes with your order

Please zoom in on my pics to see the awesome authentic small bone shards from this most recognizable of all the Dinosaurs that ever walked the prehistoric lands.

Available in carbon fiber, titanium, red or yellow bronze, and black zirconium, forged carbon fiber, and gold with upgrades available in a separate listings

Inlay material, width, and locations can be modified according to your specifications

available in 7 to 13 mm wide bands

Please refer to Our Shop Page for Comfort Fit & International sizing info and opal color charts currently available

And Be Sure to Mention any preferences in the Notes with your order

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