Unique Handmade Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen

High Quality Black Titanium Hardware

Comes standard with a very smooth writing Medium #5 German 2 Tone Steel Iridium Nib, with upgraded nibs available upon request

If you have a nib size, finish, or width preference not listed, check for availability special orders only take about a week!

Standard black cartridge and a ink converter included un-assembled

Post-able cap for extra weight, & balance if preferred

And most fountain pen connoisseur’s already have their favorite nib they prefer, but not 1 of My Pens?

This pen is great for everyday use or would make a great gift!

So take advantage of this opportunity to get one of my handcrafted items for your collection!

Or maybe for that discriminating person on your list, who seems to have one of everything except 1 of My Pens?

I will be adding more soon, so be sure to check back if this is not exactly what you are looking for,

Ask A Question above and it will link this pen to our convo for my reference to start working on a pen “Just For You”….