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Frequently Asked Questions

My ring does not look the same as in the pictures?2017-09-03T21:23:02+00:00

I take my pictures in high resolution using daylight led photo lighting, and some materials are more difficult than others to get the best and most accurate details due to my limited photo abilities.

With the vast array of the materials I offer there will be variations depending on the size and width of your ring compared to the ones in the listing. For example if the ring pictured has a 10 mm wide band and you order a 4-6 mm wide band the material sizes have to adjusted accordingly to fit into the smaller inlay area.

My burl wood rings have natural inclusions that can not be duplicated since they were created by nature, and no 2 are alike similar to finger prints, so please understand these are only examples of what the ring may look like. 

If you choose a carbon fiber band instead of a titanium band as pictured, or visa-versa, there will be some variation in the colors of the inlay materials from reflections of the silver band compared to the non-reflective dark band behind with clear fill. The black fill stops these reflections so the colors will be more consistent, but will also vary depending on the inlay material.

So please take these notes in consideration, before you place your order. And feel free to contact me beforehand to answer any questions to help make your ring to your preferences.

Wood Variations2017-09-03T21:27:08+00:00

Almost all wood darkens a small amount as it ages and as it is exposed to UV rays; some more than others.  For example, any of the rosewoods have natural oils in the wood that surfaces over time and will darken the wood more.  

Also the african blackwood is so called since it is an alternative to ebony which is the only true natural black wood used in piano keys and a lot of other musical instrument applications, and although it appears very dark brown it will turn almost jet black over time with aging and UV exposure.

Please take this into consideration if you order a darker wood that it will darken more as it ages, and depending on the amount of UV exposure how long this may take, and how much darker it will get.

Material Variations2017-09-03T21:27:33+00:00

The rings displayed on the Holz Ring Shop are examples of rings we have made in the past. As we resupply our stock of woods, and inlay supplies there will be variations in the colors of the wood.

No two pieces of wood are the same! The same is true with our inlay materials.  

If you choose a carbon fiber band instead of a titanium band as pictured, or visa-versa, there will be some variation in the colors of the inlay materials from the reflections of the silver band compared to the dark carbon fiber band behind the inlay materials with clear fill.

The black fill stops these reflections so the colors will be more consistent, but will also vary depending on the inlay material.

Please take this in consideration, when you place your order.

Band Materials2017-09-03T21:28:00+00:00

We are currently offering our rings in carbon fiber, titanium, red or yellow bronze, and black zirconium.

We do not work with any gold or silver due to the very high cost to have a blank cast for our inlays and their lack of structural strength and durability.

And we do offer the red or yellow bronze as a much more cost effective and durable alternative to the gold.


Unfortunately, we do not offer engraving at this time.

Most reputable jewelers can engrave your titanium, stainless steel, or bronze ring as long as they have a way to hold it without damaging the finished inlay area.

Our carbon fiber rings cannot be engraved, since it a woven fiber blank and not metal.  

The black zirconium is also not engravable since it would damage the heat-treated coating on the ring.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging2019-09-10T14:14:57+00:00

All of our rings are shipped in a complimentary brushed satin silver gift ready tin with a suede drawstring pouch (in which colors may vary) with the Holz Ring Shop logo.

Ring Design and Durability2017-09-03T21:20:10+00:00

This unique finish for my wood or alternative inlaid rings is one of the most durable, water resistant, and UV protective finishes developed for use in marine applications.

Our wood or alternative inlays are protected by the band material on each side, and recessed in the band to allow them to be completely sealed within my multi-layered finish, which magnifies the details after it is buffed to crystal clear finish.

Care Instructions2019-09-10T14:18:54+00:00

Our artisan inlay rings require some reasonable care in just simply trying to keep them clean, and most any mild liquid dish soap can be used with a damp soft cotton cloth.

We recommend Renaissance Wax for use on all of my bands materials except for the carbon fiber, since it is a woven fiber it may absorb some of the dried unbuffed wax. This wax prevents tarnish and corrosion, and is highly moisture-resistant, forming a lustrous, durable, waterproof protective coating, and creates a barrier against fingerprints and lifts away oil and dirt as well! A very small amount rubbed on a lint free dry soft cloth, and left for about 5 -10 minutes until it forms a dull gloss, and then gently buff to bring back the gloss.

Reasonable Care2018-01-30T16:17:45+00:00

Our rings are very durable for normal everyday wear, and your ring should last a lifetime with reasonable care!

Please remember that this is a handmade artisan ring with a wood or alternative inlay, and our design was developed to protect this inlay to the best of our ability on our end, but it is up to you as to how long it will last, with your consideration to the reasonable care!

To prolong the life of your ring, you must avoid use of harsh chemicals, solvents, fingernail polish remover, abrasive cleansers, heavy lifting, daily tool usage or contact, very hot & cold temperature changes, complete and prolonged submersion in water or other soapy liquids, shampoo, conditioners, surgical soaps, etc. that will eventually damage the finish.

My finish is completely water-proof, but if you take a shower wearing it in very hot water, the hot water will cause the band material and the sealed finish inlay area to expand and contract at different rates that may cause a separation between the edges of the materials allowing water to get into the inlay materials and will damage the ring from the inside out. Example- I had a customer wearing his ring in a hot tub in the winter, and then took it off and left it out overnight in the below freezing temperatures, and then when he put it back on he noticed a cloudy appearance to his ring? This was from the extreme temperature changes and causing the finish to separate from the band as I mentioned! So please simply take it off to avoid these kind of problems and to prolong the life of your ring!

Sizing details2017-09-03T21:30:30+00:00

It is best to be sized by several professional jewelers who generally will use thin standard ring sizers on a ring, and most of these are in 1/2 sizes to get your exact size and preferred fit (snug or loose).  

You also need to try on a comfort fit band in the same size and width you plan to order, and make any size adjustments accordingly before you verify your order. Our rings can be made in quarter sizing for those who may prefer a more precise fit.

Please remember the correct sizing and fit is strictly up to you to decide, and this shop cannot or will not be able to make any sizing determinations for you.

Please refer to my sizing info page for more info on Comfort Fit Bands and the International Sizing Chart I use.