We devoted over a year before we started Holz Ring Shop, developing a very water resistant and durable finish to use on wood inlays in our rings. We wanted to be able to create the most durable artisan inlaid rings on the market, since most other ring makers use a standard finish that is not really even water resistant and is only semi durable at the least.

Our wood or alternative inlay rings that we are currently offering, have one of the most durable, water resistant and with some UV protection (slows the discoloration of the wood) finishes available on the market. Our finish is applied by slow-rolling & applying multiple-layers of our unique finish with curing time allowed for each layer. Depending on the humidity and temperature it may take several days to cure, and another day to allow for any shrinkage. Unlike most who apply their finishes in about an hour, our attention to detail and taking the extra time necessary insures that we will create you a truly unique and very durable product to the best of our abilities.

Our wood or alternative inlays are protected by titanium, carbon fiber, forged carbon fiber, red or yellow bronze, 14kt rose, white or yellow gold edges on each side, and recessed in the band to allow them to be completely sealed once we apply our unique multi-layered finish to make it waterproof, and more durable. Although with any handmade artisan ring they do require some reasonable care on your end to prolong the life and finish on your ring as stated on our HRS Shop Policies page. All of our rings are covered by a limited lifetime warranty & for those who do not read our reasonable care recommendations, we offer refinishing or re-inlaying at a very reasonable price including return shipping!


We have also chosen titanium and carbon fiber to use for our rings, since they were both developed for use in the aerospace industry because of their extreme lightweight and durability. We only use aerospace grade titanium, and the carbon fiber blanks are woven in a very tight pattern specifically developed for use on our rings exclusively!

Before you place your order, be sure to try on a carbon fiber, bronze, or titanium ring to have a better feel for the very lightweight design, since we have had a few customers say it feels and looks fake due to its extremely lightweight! But unfortunately, we don’t think you will find one of our new hi-tech wood alternative rings any where to try on, since we believe we are the only one in the world using it.  It is also extremely lightweight, and very durable in its natural state.

If you will simply try one on for your pre-order sizing, you will realize that is part of our design to make your ring, feel like you are wearing nothing at all!

The titanium and the carbon fiber also offer the advantages of being hypo-allergenic, and they both allow us to be able to offer our customers a product with the utmost consideration for value and longevity in mind.

Meteorite Titanium

Forged Carbon Fiber

Our carbon fiber & forged carbon fiber blanks are specifically designed for use in our rings exclusively by a manufacturing supplier who has been involved in the automotive & motorcycle industries for many years! Unlike our woven carbon fiber bands made of continuously wound fiber strands impregnated in resin, the forged carbon fiber bands have a very unique grain like appearance when viewed closely in the light on hand.

Forged composite or forged carbon fiber is a technology that uses carbon fiber composite material and was developed jointly between Lamborghini and Callaway Golf Company who introduced it in their Sesto Elemento concept car and Diablo Octane drivers, respectively. Forged Composite is not a specific material, but an encompassing technology which combines the material, preform definition, molding and curing processes, and specific design features to create a forged composite carbon fiber part. The material is one-third as dense as metal titanium but stronger, and consists of chopped carbon fiber tows that are sandwiched between two layers of filmed resin. Forged carbon is almost the exact opposite of ceramic in that it’s extremely resilient; it won’t crack if subjected to shock. That said, it can be scuffed or scratched, though not nearly as easily as stainless steel.


Extremely strong like titanium, it too will wear considerably better than a traditional 18 carat gold ring. Zirconium is also hypoallergenic and will not tarnish, making it a material of choice for wedding rings and engagement rings alike. Zirconium, much like titanium, is much lighter than other metals and its thermal properties have earned it a place in nuclear reactors. Wedding rings made of zirconium will be light and extremely strong, making it an ideal choice for those involved in manual activities and worried about damaging their rings.

No other metal has had more of an impact on our modern lives. By choosing titanium or zirconium for your wedding ring you will be making a statement of durability. It has been said that if titanium and zirconium had been discovered earlier and mankind had possessed the skills it now possesses, they would now be the preferred metal over platinum and gold for all jewelry.

This black zirconium ring is made using a light grayish zirconium-based metal, similar to titanium and is skin-friendly (no nickel), and is primarily used in nuclear reactors due to its high heat and corrosion resistance. Once heated to a very high temperature, the exposed portion of the metal oxidizes black, feeling much like a ceramic. A band made from this material is very scratch, abrasion resistant, and will also resist any bending or breaking. In spite of the toughness of zirconium, it is also incredibly light weight.

While there are black titanium and black tungsten pieces on the market, for customers looking for a black band, I only recommend black zirconium rings. There are problems with black titanium and tungsten in regards to the longevity of their retaining their black color on the surface. The black zirconium actually has a very dark grey coloration but appears black in most lighting.

Therefore, any black ring created by me will be a black zirconium ring which is of the highest quality and sure to not only last a lifetime, but retain a beautiful, smooth surface.​​


It’s an alloy made of copper and tin, and a lead free option to brass, it has a beautiful warm golden or red tone and is a very affordable alternative to 10 or 14k gold at the current market pricing. And to have a very special blank cast is very expensive, and gold just does not have the structural strength due to its softness to protect my handmade artisan inlays.

With bronze, we can offer affordable rings without the need for any plating that will eventually wear away. Solid bronze is durable, easy to clean, and will last for decades. Our goal is to create a unique ring with longevity, durability , and affordability in mind. So we don’t make items plated in gold or silver, because the plating will eventually wear off the base metal, leaving your ring looking nothing like how you purchased it.

Bronze does have one drawback, which is that the copper content can cause an oxidation reaction with your skin oils, creating a greenish layer of copper carbonate. If this is an issue for you, an easy fix is to coat only the inside of your piece with clear nail polish, which creates a barrier preventing oxidation. You can also minimize the oxidation by taking your jewelry off at night and keeping it clean.

This differs from what happens with plated jewelry. Because your jewelry is solid bronze, there is no plating that is wearing off, your jewelry is not wearing out, and there is no base metal that will eventually show through. The copper content of the bronze is simply creating oxidation.

This happens most often with  rings worn close to the skin, because of the lack of air circulation between your finger and the ring. We recommend sizing up slightly for your ring, to give a little more air space. Bracelets have air circulation between your wrist and the bracelet, so have minimal to no oxidation. Pendants worn over your clothes won’t oxidize because they aren’t in contact with your sweat or skin oils.

With a little care, most people can wear bronze jewelry every day without oxidation. Like sterling silver, bronze tarnishes over time. We recommend cleaning with slightly warm gentle soap (Dawn),and water with a soft cloth occasionally. Polishing cloths generally will not quite do the job, and some may scratch the clear sealed finish. But Renaissance Wax is very effective  and highly recommended in forming a protective barrier over your ring to prevent tarnishing, finger prints, oxidation, and normal wear and tear from daily usage.

We think the benefits of bronze far outweigh the drawbacks.


Now that you have a better understanding of the materials and ring styles we offer, stop by our shop to find or to create the perfect ring
As Unique As You!