Forged Carbon Fiber Band Upgrade


Forged Carbon Fiber Band Upgrade Only


This listing will allow you to upgrade any of my other band materials to a forged carbon fiber band made in the same specifications as your order.

Forged Carbon fiber is hypoallergenic, impact resistant, UV stable, heat and corrosion resistant, lightweight and very durable.

Forged Carbon fiber is not a specific material, but a technology developed first by Lamborghini. The process allows the creation of 3D shaped objects through a molding and curing process. By applying both heat and pressure the carbon fiber is sandwiched between layers of resin. It’s this combination of pressure and heat that gives it the name “forged.”

For forged carbon fiber, the resin is applied after the processed carbon strands are cast into a random pattern to create a unique look. The development of forged carbon fiber allows further advancements in applications ranging from supercars to golf equipment (Callaway).

Our forged & woven carbon fiber blanks are made exclusively for us by a manufacturer from Colorado who developed the technologies for use in the motorcycle and automotive industry for a very well known unnamed European Supercar manufacturer!

The forged carbon fiber is very hard on my tooling used to create the inlay areas unlike any of the other band materials we use due to its hardness and density!


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