Holz Ring Shop

Holz Ring Shop was originally created to provide unique and one of a kind wedding rings or unique gifts. Featuring our artisan inlaid rings & writing instruments, utilizing only the highest quality exotic and native woods from around the world. Along with a vast array of inlay materials. Our large collection of natural & exotic woods, rare alternative inlay materials, and wide variety of materials gives YOU the ability to customize your order to your specific preferences.

Holz Pen Shop

Holz Pen Shop was created as a unique and one of a kind shop to compliment our rings utilizing the same materials or the many other options we offer for other special occasions..


HOLZ GALLERY came about by combining all the years of wood working experience & to utilize the large variety of excess materials collected over the years!

Offering you more options to keep you coming back for all of your unique gifting needs!

  We may be able to use some of your materials or items to create an item to save those special memories forever!

Create Your Own Unique Custom Gifts And Accessories

“As Unique As You!

CONTACT US for Possibilities!



Owner, Ron has been working with wood and other natural materials for over 40 years.  About 15 years ago he developed a passion for making rings! Each ring he creates now, is as unique as the individual that it appeals to. Ron enjoys taking the extra time to craft each individual ring, with a combination of materials, and technique that his customers are not likely to find anywhere else. He’s never quite sure what the finished product will look like until its completely cured, sanded, and buffed to a crystal clear finish. He then takes several pictures of the ring and picks the best for his customers to select from. We hope that you enjoy the finished product, or unique ring, if you will, as much as we enjoyed creating it “As Unique As You”



Holz Ring Shop was named after the German word “holz” for wood.  We have always admired the quality in German made products, so Holz Ring Shop was created with a desire to create a new level of excellence in wood inlay rings, made in the USA. At Holz, we believe that you will find the items in our store to be of the highest quality, unique to the types of wood and the design to be of superior craftsmanship.  With the proper reasonable care necessary as noted in the Policies, Holz rings have the potential to last a lifetime. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our rings, and Please read our shop policies for complete details.



No two rings are alike. Each ring is created to be as unique and special as the individual who wears it. If you have a preferred wood, ring style, or inlay that you do not see listed in the store, please contact us. You may also add any preferences in the “notes” with your order, and if possible we will do our best to accommodate them! My very talented wonderful companion Tessa is now inlaying all of our crushed materials in the rings for our shop with surgical precision that my old hands were lacking.

Black Zirconium Band Upgrade
Gabon Ebony Wood Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Inlay Titanium Band or Unique Gift Ring